Shari Cooper

Project Manager + Economic Developer + Public Relations Professional


While working in the London Docklands, I learned that marketing is an essential part of a community's development.  I witnessed The London Dockland's Business Investment Team giving helicopter tours of the Docklands to prospective continental European businesses. This real estate marketing team had a comprehensive marketing package they shared (which included a video) to promote the redevelopment project as Europe's most economically advantageous location.

As Executive Director for MPOWER Economic Development Corporation, I drew upon my prior video/film production experience to promote the best that the City of McAlester had to offer.  Although it had been years since I had picked up a video camera, I enjoyed working with Insight Visual Media, to develop the script, arrange and conduct interviews, and shoot the necessary footage.  I thank them for allowing me to be so heavily involved in the post-production process as well.  

As you will see, IVM did a great job producing this compelling piece that promotes the best this community has to offer.  I hope you enjoy!